Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Perfect Housewife

This day I became the perfect housewife! And that's really unique...
I love a house that's clean, pretty, bright and shining. It is a daily dream of me, to make it real. There is a solution; ME (and that's exactly also the problem of the solution.

But today I has succeeded! Today I didn't think about yesterday and tomorrow. Today I enjoy my clean, bright and shining house. Today I enjoy it to be the perfect housewife!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fun with my little girl

Today, id didn't have to work, so I spend my whole day with Girly.

This morning we go to the beach (again, but now with Girly). It was stormy weather, but dry. Girly love to stomp in puddles; she has a lot of jy, and I also by looking at here.

Hanging in the wind
After the beach walk, Girly wanted to tinker. She wanted to make a snowman of paper and wimps. So I draw a very friendly snowman with a pretty face;

And this is what she made from it, when she was ready....

Away pretty faced snowman....

Its always nice, when you do your best as a mother and this is the result...... But she loves to do it!

While she was tinker. i made this picture of here and try to make a drawing of here. Its many years ago I try to make a protret of somebody. So I think it is a good try!

 When I ask here what she wanted to drink. Tea or limonade. She said; "give me a coke". She didn't like coke..... Little girls of almost three years old, can be very funny

Monday, January 28, 2013

Walk on the beach

This morning Girly was to preschool, so I had enough time to let the dog out. We live close to the beach (three blocks walking and then I'm on it), the sun was shining, so a good reason to go. Doggy happy, me happy, we almost blow out our coat. And when we are back at home we were as fresh as a (windswept) daisy.

A few piictures for you to enjoy;
Nice color scheme for my home

Dutch skies
Beyond the beach was white by the gulls

This week I will place a idea to use the shells I found with a little (and simple) workshop.